Pursue your next case with total confidence by prescribing Z-One™ Full Contour Zirconia from Danaren Dental Laboratories.  Unyielding strength, effortless insertions, and a price tag of $99 with free shipping both ways puts patient satisfaction and your profitability in total focus.  When you align with Danaren and prescribe Z-One™ Full Contour Zirconia restorations you’ll experience Total Posterior Dominance.  Get in the Zone today.

  • Biocompatible medical-grade Zirconia

  • Designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology

  • Finished to an ultra-smooth surface (reduces calcification and plaque build-up)

Preparation Guide:

  • Modified tapered shoulder preparation

  • 120″ Chamfer prep

  • Feather edge and bevels are not ideal

Indications & Limitations:

  • Posterior crowns and short-span bridges

  • Ideally suited for bruxers and grinders

  • Esthetic alternative to full-cast crowns

  • Not recommended for inlays, onlays, veneers or anterior restorations

Cementation Techniques:

  • Conventional cementation

Danaren is proud to guarantee our Z-One™ work to be free of defects due to materials or workmanship for a period of ten (10) years.

Notes from our Technical Team:

“Z-One™ restorations should always be adjusted using a fine grit diamond, water and air spray in order to keep the restorations cool and to avoid micro-fractures.”

For the latest lab tips and techniques call (866) 326-2736 and ask your Lead Technical Contact about Z-One™ today!