Cast Partials Complete $299 – $369

Danaren’s lightweight cast partials are designed for optimal retention and enhanced esthetics. Consistent, accurate and highly uniform, our partial dentures will leave your patients feeling comfortable and confident. Danaren’s thin cast partials allow for greater flexibility, all while maintaining shape and retention. Prescribe with confidence and experience firsthand the distinct advantages of cast partial dentures by Danaren.

  • with 1-6 Economy Teeth $299
  • with 7-13 Economy teeth $329
  • with 1-6 Premium Teeth $349
  • with 7-13 Premium Teeth $369

Acrylic & Flexible Partials Complete $199 – $319

Danaren’s Acrylic Partials Complete offer higher esthetics while maintaining optimal functionality.

Flexible Partials Complete flex along with your patient’s movements to create a more comfortable fit with more durability than traditional rigid metal partials. We invite you to call, e-mail, or ask your sales rep for more information on the benefits of Flexible Partials Complete, and how you can make flexibility your strength.

  • All-Acrylic Partial with 1-6 Economy Teeth & 2 wrought clasps $199
  • All-Acrylic Partial with 7-13 Economy Teeth & 2 wrought clasps $225
  • Flexible Partial Complete with 1-6 Economy Teeth $289
  • Flexible Partial Complete with 7-13 Economy Teeth $319

All prices include set-up, try-in, finish & reset (if needed)